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Located in the intermediate dry zone forests in Anamaduwa and bordering a rural local village, the Mudhouse transports guests to a rustic and charming locale where you can enjoy the serenity of the environment, the wildlife and surrounding natural habitat. The Mudhouse which is a private retreat is perfect for families, groups of friends and even couples who are looking for a good break away from the modern day life style. From local clay pot cooked meals to accommodation huts that are perfectly charming and comfortable, the property boasts of a tranquil setting. The vast expanse of the land enables you to explore the area with ease and savour the rural ambience.

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Traditional Sri Lankan meals are offered for guests to enjoy with seasonal fresh produce available on a daily basis.
Staying at The Mudhouse is a bit like being on a permanent safari. We are fortunate to find ourselves surrounded by nature and wildlife, and it is never necessary to look too hard to find something of interest.
A large number of species of birds are available within the area which is ideal for bird watching enthusiasts.